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Cord Blood Collection

The blood in the baby's cord is a rich source of stem cells. These cells have been used to treat nearly 70 diseases including leukemia, other cancers, blood and immune system disorders and some genetic diseases. Researchers are studying their use for things such as heart disease, juvenile diabetes, brain injury and unknown future potential. Cord Blood cells may be stored/used for 60+ years.

You have only one chance to collect and save your baby's genetically unique cord blood. The collection is simple and painless from the cord and placenta after birth and doesn't interfere with baby's care.

Currently there are over twenty private family banks which store your baby's blood frozen specifically under your name and charge you for this ($1000 to $2000 initially, and then annually $100 to $150). There may also be collection fees.

There is one public bank which accepts donations (Cryobank International). The blood is stored anonymously and categorized by cell type there. It might not be available specifically for your child in the future.

If the blood is not saved, it is medically disposed of with the placenta. There are occasional problems at the time of delivery which prevent collection or result in inadequate samples.

Cord Blood Registry - Cord Blood Banking


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